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From the 2nd until the 5th of July the sailing competition Skippi 650 and Omega Sport Orvaldi Euro Cup 2009 were taking place by the Bay of Puck. The organizers of the event were: The Centre of Culture in Puck and Orvaldi Adventure. The sponsor of this most important event was Orvaldi Power Protection Company. The competition turned out to be extremely popular not only among Polish but also foreigners.

Skippi 650 Euro Cup has been taking palce since 2007. The main reward in this competition is a challenge naval case founded by the orgnizators of the first Skippi 650 boat races in Berlin. Since the year 2007 the Skippi 650 Euro Cup has been organized by the Bay of Puck. This year Poland, Czech Republic and Germany were represented by 24 crews Skippi 650 and 12 yachts Omega Sport.

The first day of event was devoted to registration, measurement, and training race with start procedure .

On the 3rd of July the welcome party to the accompaniment of the Representative Brass Band of Ziemia Pucka was held. After short speeches delivered by the Mayor of Puck, the Director of MOKSiR and the Chairmen of Skippi Yachts Association as well as Omega Yachts Association, the main Sponsor officialy inaugurated the races.

The changable but moderate winds brought victory to the Aqua Spa yacht with it’s helmsman, Paweł Oskroba.

On the 4th of July the weather conditions allowed for only three races to take place and Michał Leszczyński representing CO2 REDUCTION POLANDappeared to be the best that day.

Some of yahts experienced random failures and capsizes, which turned out to be the additional attractions for the audience.

The ending part of that day was Orvaldi Regatta Party organized for all contestants with accompanying persons in Bursztynia restsurant on a pier in Puck. During the party Capitan Wojciech Radziun delivered a lecture about Orvaldi Antarctica Trip 2005.

The last day of competition was full of sun. The battle spirit spreaded not only among contestants, but also jury. Seventeen of Skippi 650 sportsmen protested against. Nobody from the Omega crew protested, which may serve as an example of the fair play.

During the final celebration all of the participants received medals and the laureates were awarded with challenge cups. The whole Final part of Skippi 650 Euro Cup was accompanied by Brass Band’s music.

Another Orvaldi Euro Cup 2009 reached it’s finish. And this competition is especially dedicated to the Omega class, the symbol of Polish sailing.


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